Starting the design stage of any product  involves understanding the need for the product in the first place. The conceptual idea and the USP needs to be realised as the primary objective. This is the most important initial step towards achieving a successful outcome.  Furniture designer Bruce High has a proven track record for understanding this and has designed many commercially successful products

He is able to either work closely with the client throughout this process either working with the client’s internal team members or if preferred he can independently design and develop these designs. These products can range from individual pieces of furniture to full desk/panels systems furniture ranges with large tooling budgets. 

Bruce High has extensive experience with manufacturing processes and materials and can develop and engineer the product to its full completion.

Setme desk system designed by Bruce High for The Senator Group. These early sketches were part of the projects development which went on to become the core identity and functionality of the final product.  



High Design can develop the design and engineering to finished 3D CAD models and work with your suppliers until completion and production ready.