Designed for The Senator Group

Initial group discussions with The Senator Group, highlighted amongst other things a need for a new product to address both acoustics and height adjustability. These are the two main objectives Bruce High started the design process with

He continued developing ideas, particularly focusing on the following:

Provide personal space within a workstation. One of the common complaints of open bench workstations are the lack of personal space and high levels of distraction particularly when needing to focus.  Typically, acoustic screens are often only positioned between opposite workstations and  do provide a limited level of personal space. With SetME, Bruce wanted to take this idea further and designed acoustic screens which could be slotted into the legs to provide additional privacy between users and areas within the office with corridors and walkways. Having the ability for the user to customise their space was also a main consideration to him. To help answer this, Bruce designed the screen so they could be slotted on or taken off by the user. He also designed a number of personal storage items which could be individually positioned to suit on the screens.

Provide an efficient design for different levels of height adjustability. Unique to SetMe is the way the height of any individual worktop in the cluster can be adjusted from 680mm-880mm. Electrical height is also an option and is unique in that it can be individually fitted to any one or more within a cluster systems.